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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 20: Sale of real property; procedure; sale of buildings or other structures

Section 20. Except as otherwise provided by law, any sale of real property shall be awarded, after advertisement for bids, to the bidder who is the highest responsible bidder. The department shall have the right to reject all bids and to read-advertise for bids. Before any real property shall be so sold or conveyed, notice that such real property is for sale shall be publicly advertised in 2 daily newspapers of general circulation published in the city of Boston and, if such real property is located in any other city or town, in a newspaper of general circulation published in such other city or town, once a week for 3 successive weeks. Such advertisements shall state the time and place where all pertinent information relative to the real property to be sold or conveyed may be obtained and the time and place of opening the bids in answer to such advertisements and that the department reserves the right to reject any or all such bids. All bids in response to advertisements shall be sealed and shall be publicly opened by the department. The department may require, as evidence of good faith, that a deposit of a reasonable sum, to be fixed by the department, accompany the proposals. This paragraph shall not be applicable to any sale of real property by the department to the commonwealth or any city, town or public instrumentality nor to a sale of real property which is determined by the department to have a fair market value of $5,000 or less.

The department may sell buildings or other structures upon any lands taken by it or may remove the same and shall sell, if a sale be practicable or, if not, shall lease, if a lease be practicable, any lands or rights or interest in lands or other property taken or purchased for the purposes of this chapter, whenever the same shall, in the opinion of the department, cease to be needed for such purpose.