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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 31A: Suggestion awards board; function; prizes

Section 31A. There shall be within the executive office for administration and finance a suggestion awards board, to consist of the secretary, the comptroller, and the budget director, each of whom may from time to time designate a person to act in his stead, for the purpose of receiving and judging suggestions made by officers or employees of the commonwealth as to methods of improving existing governmental procedures; installing new procedures for the betterment of the state service; increasing the efficiency of the several state departments, boards, commissions, or institutions operating under any state department, division, board or commission; reducing the cost of state government; or improving the service rendered to the public by any department, division, board, commission or institution.

Said suggestion awards board shall from time to time award cash prizes to the officers or employees who have submitted suggestions which, in the opinion of the board, merit an award for increasing the efficiency of the state service. The board shall, subject to the approval of the governor, establish rules relative to the receiving and judging of such suggestions, the amount of the awards to be given, and the qualifications of the contestants, and may, subject to appropriation, expend sums for awards of cash and for investigation, publicity, clerical and other services and expenses necessary to carry out the purposes of this section.