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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 13: Office of project management; director of project management

Section 13. There shall be within the division of capital asset management and maintenance an office of project management headed by a director of project management.

The director shall be appointed by the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance with the approval of the secretary of administration and finance, and may be removed in like manner. Said position shall not be subject to section 9A of chapter 30 or chapter 31. No person shall be appointed director of said bureau unless at the time thereof said person shall be registered by the commonwealth as an architect or professional engineer under chapter 112 and shall have proven ability and extensive experience in the management of the design and construction of buildings.

The director may appoint such deputies and other supervisory staff as the work of the office may require, subject to appropriation and the commissioner's approval. Such staff shall serve at the pleasure of the director and shall not be subject to chapter 31 or to section 9A of chapter 30. The director shall appoint, subject to appropriation and subject to the commissioner's approval, all other officers and employees of said office.

The commissioner shall be responsible for the exercise of all powers and the performance of all duties assigned by law to said office, which shall be under his direction. The director shall advise the commissioner as to rules and regulations, standards and guidelines, and priorities and schedules to be established for the office and the division of capital asset management and maintenance.