General Laws

Section 31. The division of capital asset management and maintenance shall evaluate the potential for increasing the energy efficiency in each building owned by an authority or state agency, or leased by such authority or agency for at least a 10 year period. Energy efficiency measures, as used in this section shall include, but not be limited to, heating, air-conditioning, lighting, water, and electric systems powered by coal, electricity, natural gas, oil.

The annual energy cost savings realized by each authority or agency shall be retained in that the authority or agency utility account and applied to additional energy efficiency measures in subsequent years.

Actions taken by the division of capital asset management and maintenance in accordance with this section shall be coordinated with ongoing energy conservation projects in state-owned or leased buildings. Utility programs offering energy auditing services shall be used whenever appropriate.

The term ''authority'' used in this section shall not include authorities of cities or towns, such as local housing projects.