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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32: Real property held in name of state agency deemed real property of the commonwealth; exercise of eminent domain by the commonwealth of behalf of a state agency; delegation to state agency of power to acquire, control and dispose of real property

Section 32. Real property, record title to which is held in the name of a state agency or the board of trustees of a state agency or similar board of a state agency, shall be deemed to be real property of the commonwealth. No deed or other instrument shall be required to effect the transfer to the commonwealth of title to such real property, but the land court department of the trial court shall, upon petition of the division of capital asset management and maintenance, issue in the name of the commonwealth a certificate of title to any real property, title to which is registered under chapter 185 in the name of a state agency or the board of trustees of a state agency or similar board of a state agency. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, no person shall acquire any rights by prescription or adverse possession in any lands or rights in lands held in the name of the commonwealth.

The commissioner shall exercise the powers stated in this chapter, notwithstanding the delegations under certain terms and purposes which the general court has made pertaining to the acquisition, control, and disposition of real property. The commissioner shall not make any acquisition of real property on behalf of a state agency by eminent domain or make any such delegation of power to acquire real property by eminent domain to any state agency unless such state agency is otherwise authorized by law to exercise the power of eminent domain. The commissioner may delegate to state agencies responsibility for the acquisition, control, and disposition of real property as provided for in this chapter; except that the commissioner may not delegate responsibility for determining that property is surplus to state needs as required in section 33. When responsibility is delegated to a state agency, the written approval of the commissioner shall be required before the transaction is completed, and a copy of said written approval shall be sent to the joint committee on state administration.