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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 38: Disclosure statement required for the rental or sale or purchase of real property to or from a public agency

Section 38. No agreement to rent or to sell real property to or to rent or purchase real property from a public agency, and no renewal or extension of such agreement, shall be valid and no payment shall be made to the lessor or seller of such property unless a statement, signed, under the penalties of perjury, has been filed by the lessor, lessee, seller or purchaser, and in the case of a corporation by a duly authorized officer thereof giving the true names and addresses of all persons who have or will have a direct or indirect beneficial interest in said property with the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance. This section shall not apply to any stockholder of a corporation the stock of which is listed for sale to the general public with the securities and exchange commission, if such stockholder holds less than 10 per cent of the outstanding stock entitled to vote at the annual meeting of such corporation. In the case of an agreement to rent property from a public agency where the lessee's interest is held by the organization of unit owners of a leasehold condominium created under chapter 183A, and time-shares are created in the leasehold condominium under chapter 183B, this section shall not apply to an owner of a time-share in the leasehold condominium who (i) acquires the time-share on or after a bona fide arms length transfer of such time-share made after the rental agreement with the public agency is executed and (ii) who holds less than 3 per cent of the votes entitled to vote at the annual meeting of such organization of unit owners.

A disclosure statement shall also be made in writing, under penalty of perjury, during the term of a rental agreement in case of any change of interest in such property, as provided for above, within 30 days of such change.

Any official elected to public office in the commonwealth, or any employee of the division of capital asset management and maintenance disclosing beneficial interest in real property pursuant to this section, shall identify his position as part of the disclosure statement. The commissioner shall notify the state ethics commission of such names, and shall make copies of any and all disclosure statements received available to the state ethics commission upon request.

The commissioner shall keep a copy of each disclosure statement received available for public inspection during regular business hours.