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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 39: Inventory of real property owned, rented or otherwise occupied by public agencies; publication and distribution; central depository of records

Section 39. The commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance shall establish and maintain a comprehensive inventory of the real property owned, rented or otherwise occupied by public agencies. Such inventory shall include a detailed description of the allocation, utilization and condition of real property used by state agencies and a general description of the size, type and use of real property under the jurisdiction of other public agencies. The real property inventory shall be published annually for distribution to state agencies and regional planning agencies, shall be filed by February 15 each year with the clerks of the house of representatives and the senate and the joint committee on state administration and regulatory oversight and shall be a public document available for general distribution.

The division of capital asset management and maintenance shall be the central depository for all certificates of title, copies of deeds, records of sale, rental agreements and other pertinent records relating to real property acquired for the use of state agencies. All such documents shall be public records and shall be open to inspection by the public during regular business hours.

The commissioner may delegate responsibility for the housing and care of such original records to a state agency if such records are necessary for the daily operation of said agency. A state agency requesting the delegation of such responsibility shall demonstrate to the commissioner that such records will be adequately maintained and housed. In case of such delegation, copies of essential records shall be deposited with the division.

All public agencies shall cooperate with the division in providing the information required by this section.