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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 64: Long-range capital facilities development plans

Section 64. Each public agency other than a city or town shall prepare a long range capital facilities development plan. Such plan shall include projections at least 5 years from the date of submission of the plan. Each such public agency shall revise the plan annually or at such other time as the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance may require, or as otherwise mandated by statute or appropriation act. Each plan or revision thereof shall be submitted to the commissioner at such time or according to such schedule as the commissioner shall specify. Each state agency the authorization of which is otherwise required for capital facility projects of 1 or more cities and towns shall include in its plan required by this section and its capital facility budget request required by section 66 the information about such projects specified by those sections. The state agency may request from cities and towns the information needed to complete the above-mentioned plan and budget and said information shall be promptly submitted to the state agency. To the maximum extent feasible the commissioner and state agencies shall coordinate the timing and content of their requests for information to minimize duplication of reporting. In the case of local operating agencies as defined in section 1 of chapter 121B, any such plan, revision, capital facility budget, or capital facility budget requests required by this section or section 66 of this chapter shall be prepared and submitted by the department of housing and community development.

After consultation with the governor and the secretary of administration and finance, the commissioner shall, in a timely manner, prepare and send to public agencies a capital facility planning policy statement to inform in the formulation of their long range capital facilities development plans and capital facility budget requests.

The commissioner may provide guidance and technical assistance to those public agencies lacking sufficient resources to prepare such plans. The commissioner shall specify the information required, the manner or preparation of the plan, and the form in which it is to be provided.