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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 65: Required content of long-range capital facilities development plans

Section 65. In formulating requirements for the information to be provided in long-range capital facilities development plans, the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance shall require at least the following: the history, legislative authority and major responsibilities of the public agency as defined by law and by administrative rule, regulation or directive; the programs being carried out by each as they affect capital facility needs; an appraisal of the responsibilities, objectives and current programs and evaluation of the factors expected to influence future programs; tabulations of the numbers of people served by and staffing the agency and its subunits; a detailed description of the land and facilities currently owned, leased or used by the agency to the extent that such description has not previously been submitted to the commissioner as part of the real property inventory maintained by him and an estimate of their utilization in relation to current and future programs.

In formulating requirements for each long-range capital facilities development plan, the commissioner shall require at least the following: a determination of the capital facility needs based on the programs, population to be served, and the adequacy of existing facilities; a proposed capital facility project schedule and an explanation of the relationship between the need for each project and the stated programs; a summary of the schedule of needs for funds; a tabulation of the estimated staffs required for such new or modified programs and facilities; a tabulation of such projects showing the effect upon staffing, operating, and maintenance expenses; and a description of the geographic and spatial location of the facility relative to other facilities or land of the agency or its subunits.

In formulating requirements for any revisions of long-range capital facilities development plans the commissioner shall require at least the following: a statement of the changes in the agency's responsibilities, objectives and programs; revised estimates of institutional population and staff, and geographic and spatial descriptions of capital facilities; and changes in capital facility requirements as they would have effect at least 5 years from the date of submission.