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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2: Deputies; assistants; civil service

Section 2. He may appoint a first deputy, a second deputy, and a third deputy and a fourth deputy each of whom shall perform the duties of a division head, a director of the corporation division who shall be an attorney at law, a cashier for whose conduct he shall be responsible and from whom he may require a bond, and a chief of the archives division who shall be a qualified archivist and shall be known as the archivist of the commonwealth. The secretary shall operate and supervise the archives museum and he shall utilize those records of historic value which are in the custody of the archivist for exhibition and education purposes. The archivist of the commonwealth shall, under the direction of the secretary, have charge of the non-current records of the commonwealth, particularly with regard to their custody, preservation, management and, when authorized, their destruction, and shall supervise the operation of the archives museum. The secretary shall provide for guided tours of the state house and for such purpose may employ such personnel as he may deem necessary. He may, under the direction of the secretary, prepare material for publication. The secretary may also appoint clerks, messengers and other assistants necessary for the prompt despatch of public business. He may also employ such clerical assistance as he may deem necessary to carry out the laws relative to primaries and elections. The secretary shall establish the salaries, duties and personnel regulations of all officers and employees within the department of the state secretary; provided, however, that the salaries of said officers and employees shall not exceed the sum annually appropriated therefor by the general court. The provisions of sections nine A and forty-five of chapter thirty, chapter thirty-one and chapter one hundred and fifty E shall not apply to officers and employees within the department of the state secretary.