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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 20A: Central register of contracting opportunities offered by governmental agencies

Section 20A. The department of the state secretary shall publish a central register listing all notices of contracting opportunities estimated to be in excess of a sum to be determined by the secretary offered by any public agency or authority of the commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof. Notices published in the central register shall include, but not be limited to: (a) invitations relating to the procurement of supplies; design, construction and other services; and rentals of equipment incident to the design or construction, reconstruction, renovation, repair, demolition or furnishing of any capital facility; (b) notices of subcontracting opportunities incident to such design or construction, reconstruction, renovation, repair, demolition or furnishing; (c) notices of proposed sales, rentals or acquisitions of real property. Each notice shall provide information concerning the subject matter of the proposed transaction, any special qualifications or requirements pertaining thereto, instructions for submitting proposals, and such other information as the secretary shall require. The register shall also provide notice of the individual or firm selected for negotiation or award of any contract or as party to any other transaction, including leases, sales, and other agreements, advertised in a prior edition of the register; the amount of the contract, purchase, sale, lease or other agreement; the names of subcontractors and suppliers, if available; and information concerning currently debarred contractors as provided in section forty-four C of chapter one hundred and forty-nine. In cases of emergency procurements necessary to preserve the health and safety of persons or property, publication in the central register shall not be required.

Every public agency or public authority of the commonwealth and every political subdivision thereof shall report to the secretary on a timely basis, in such form as the secretary shall prescribe by regulation, all contracting opportunities and proposed transactions publication of which in the central register is required by this section, regulations promulgated hereunder, or any other general or special law.

The secretary shall promulgate rules, regulations, and guidelines concerning the format and content of the register and the technical details of its publication. Said rules and regulations shall provide that the register shall be published at least once a month, or more often if the secretary determines that a more frequent publication and distribution is warranted. The secretary shall furnish one copy of said register to each city and town in the commonwealth, to be available in an easily accessible public place therein, and may distribute such additional copies as he deems appropriate and necessary; provided, however, that said register also shall be made available by subscription at a rate sufficient to cover the total costs of publication and mailing.