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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 22: Commission on interstate cooperation; committees and advisory boards; rules

Section 22. The commission may establish such committees and advisory boards as appear desirable, to conduct conferences and formulate proposals concerning subjects of intergovernmental co-operation. Subject to the approval of the commission, the members of every such committee and advisory board shall be appointed by the chairman of the commission. Whenever requested by the commission, the head of any state department, board or commission shall nominate a qualified official of such department to serve as a member of a committee or board, or to give such advice and assistance as the commission may desire. Other persons may also be so appointed as members of such committees or boards, but at least one member of the commission shall be appointed as a member of every such committee and board. The commission may make such rules as it considers appropriate to govern the membership and proceedings of any committee or board established as aforesaid.