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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4B: Pamphlet edition of laws; distribution of copies of individual laws

Section 4B. The state secretary shall, at the close of each regular session of the general court, publish in pamphlet form up to 20,000 copies, of the acts and resolves passed and of any proposed amendments to the constitution passed during such session. The secretary may also apportion the copies among the clerks of the several cities and towns, to be delivered by the clerks to inhabitants who apply for a copy.

The secretary shall also, as soon as any act or resolve is passed, send a copy of the act or resolve to the following: each state department, officer, board or commission whose duties are affected by the act or resolve, the clerks of the several cities and towns, for the use of the inhabitants of those cities and towns, the justices, clerks and registers of courts, district attorneys, sheriffs, justices of the peace authorized to issue warrants and take bail, county law libraries and all incorporated law libraries and branch libraries maintained by them; provided, however, upon written request approved by the secretary, additional copies may be distributed to the above list and to any other public officials whose duties in the secretary's opinion require the use of such copies. The secretary may also send copies to such persons as apply for an act or resolve, charging not less than the cost of producing and distributing the copy.