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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4D: Distribution of printed copies of official reports

Section 4D. The state secretary shall furnish to each city and town of the commonwealth, to be preserved in a public place in the city or town, 1 copy of each of such report included in the public document series as the city or town clerk may apply for. The state secretary shall furnish 1 copy of each report to such public and other libraries as may apply for the reports. If the supervisor of public records shall report to the state secretary that a city or town is unable to properly care for and use the documents, the state secretary may discontinue sending the reports to that city or town.

Each member of the general court and of the executive department, the clerk of each branch of the general court and each reporter assigned to either branch may, upon a written, signed request delivered to the state secretary, receive a copy of any such document. Ten copies shall be placed in the state library for the use of the library and for exchange.