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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9A: Local election districts review commission; membership; compensation; duties

Section 9A. There shall be in the department of the state secretary, but not under his supervision or control, a local election districts review commission consisting of the attorney general or his designee, the state secretary or his designee, and a person appointed by the governor. Members designated by the attorney general, the state secretary, and by the governor shall serve during the pleasure of their respective designating officers. Each member of the commission shall receive the sum of twenty-five dollars for each day or part thereof for his service as a commissioner, provided that such payments to any one member shall not exceed two thousand five hundred dollars in any one year, and that such payments shall not be made to any commission member who holds another full-time paid office or position in the service of the commonwealth. Members of the commission shall receive from the commonwealth their necessary expenses incurred in the discharge of their statutory duties. Said commission shall be furnished with any books or records which it may require from any department or agency of the commonwealth or of any of its political subdivisions. Said commission shall oversee and supervise the division of the cities and towns into wards and precincts as required by chapter fifty-four. Said commission may travel within the commonwealth. The commission shall be provided with suitable offices in the state house, or elsewhere within the city of Boston. The commission may, subject to appropriation, incur such expenses as may be necessary to the execution of duties invested in it by said chapter fifty-four, or by any statute of the commonwealth not incorporated into the General Laws.