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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2: General Fund; deposit of revenue

Section 2. There shall be a General Fund of the commonwealth, into which all revenue payable to the commonwealth shall be paid, except revenue required by law to be paid into a fund other than the General Fund and revenue for or on account of sinking funds, trust funds or trust deposits, which funds shall be maintained and the revenue applied in accordance with law or the purposes of the fund.

All such revenue shall be deposited in and credited to the General Fund or other state funds during the fiscal year in which it is received. In the event that a question arises as to the correct year to credit the receipt of revenues, the comptroller shall make a determination as to the correct fiscal year and the determination of the comptroller shall be conclusive. Every source of state revenue shall be classified according to a schedule of revenue accounts promulgated by the comptroller. The commonwealth's receipt of such revenue shall be documented under rules and regulations promulgated by the comptroller.