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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2GGGGG: Behavioral Health Outreach, Access and Support Trust Fund

[ Text of section added by 2019, 41, Sec. 24 effective July 1, 2019. See 2019, 41, Sec. 111.]

  Section 2GGGGG. There shall be a Behavioral Health Outreach, Access and Support Trust Fund. Expenditures from the fund shall be made to supplement and support efforts to: (i) increase access to qualified and culturally-competent behavioral health professionals by supporting current and new workforce opportunities; (ii) ensure equal access to quality behavioral health services regardless of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, ancestry, status as a veteran, disability, place of residence or socioeconomic status; (iii) ensure a complete continuum of behavioral health services from wellness screening to inpatient treatment; and (iv) promote awareness and encourage the use of available behavioral health services.

  There shall be credited to the fund: (i) appropriations, grants, gifts or other contributions made to the fund; (ii) interest earned on money in the fund; and (iii) an amount equal to the revenues received from federal financial participation earned on any qualifying expenditures sourced from the fund. All money deposited in the fund shall be subject to appropriation. Revenues deposited in the fund that are unexpended at the end of a fiscal year shall not revert to the General Fund and shall be available for expenditure in the following fiscal year. Any fiscal year-end balance in the fund that is subject to appropriation shall not be subject to section 5C.