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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 5F: Department financial plans; contents; use of information

Section 5F. Every officer having charge of any state agency which receives a periodic or other appropriation from the commonwealth, shall annually, on or before a date set by the secretary of administration and finance submit to the budget director a department financial plan for the current fiscal year and, at such times as specified by said secretary, revisions to said department financial plan; provided, however, that said officer shall also submit said financial plans to the chairmen of the house and senate committees on ways and means.

The department financial plan shall include statements, in a form prescribed by the budget director, showing in detail: (1) amounts proposed to be expended from each account for each month in the current fiscal year; (2) amounts projected to be received in each revenue account, other than revenue from state taxes, federal grants or proceeds of bonds issued by the commonwealth, for each month in the current fiscal year; and (3) such other information on the expenditures, revenues, activities, output or performance of the state agency as required by the budget director.

The budget director shall provide to the treasurer and comptroller information from department financial plans to develop estimates and projections of monthly, quarterly and annual cash flow required under section 10B of chapter 10, and to prepare monthly reports of planned and actual expenditure and planned and actual revenue for each major state program, department and executive or other constitutional office.