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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 5H: Report on value of property assumed abandoned; certification of actual receipts; transfer of funds

Section 5H. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, the state treasurer shall report by September 30 to the state comptroller, the executive office for administration and finance and the house and senate committees on ways and means the value of all property assumed abandoned, as defined by chapter 200A, in the previous fiscal year; provided, however, that beginning October 31 and quarterly thereafter the state treasurer shall, within 15 days, certify to the state comptroller the amount collected in abandoned property revenues for the previous quarter. The state treasurer shall certify by October 31, the amount of actual receipts of abandoned property for the previous fiscal year, and beginning in fiscal year 2013, the comptroller shall transfer 75 per cent of the growth in abandoned property revenue that exceeds the amount collected during the previous fiscal year to the Commonwealth Stabilization Fund established by section 2H; provided, however, that said transfer shall be made prior to the certification of the consolidated net surplus for the previous fiscal year as provided in section 5C.