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The 189th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 65: Delegation of certain powers and duties by secretaries of executive offices established under Chapters six A and seven; review by secretary of administration and finance

Section 65. The secretary having charge of any of the executive offices established by chapters 6A and 7 may by rule or regulation not inconsistent with the law delegate to 1 officer within the office of the secretary, in whole or in part, the authority to exercise in the secretary's name any power, or to discharge in the secretary's name any duty conferred upon such secretary by sections 27A, 27B, 29, and 29A; sections 24C, 25B, 36 and paragraph (5A) of section 46 of chapter 30; and section 15, section 15F, section 16A and section 16B of chapter 31.

The secretary of administration and finance shall from time to time make a random examination of approvals granted and actions taken by such secretary or the secretary's designee identified in the preceding paragraph, under the aforementioned sections, in order to determine the extent of compliance with such sections and the rules or regulations established thereunder. Following any such examination, the secretary of administration and finance may, after consultation with the secretary, by order transfer from such officer to the secretary of administration and finance, for such period of time as said secretary deems appropriate, the authority to give such approvals or to take such actions. Upon making such order, the secretary of administration and finance shall forthwith file a copy of said order with the budget director, the comptroller, and the house and senate committees on ways and means, specifying the scope of the authority so transferred and the duration of said transfer.