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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 62F: Emergencies; commencement of projects; land acquisition

Section 62F. A project may commence prior to compliance with sections sixty-two to sixty-two H, inclusive, if emergency action by a person or agency is essential to avoid or eliminate a threat to public health or safety, or a threat to any natural resources; provided, that wherever practicable, the agency or person shall obtain the prior approval of the secretary of environmental affairs. Following commencement of any such project, the agency or person shall promptly, but in any case within sixty days, commence compliance with the provisions of sections sixty-two to sixty-two H, inclusive.

In the case of an urban renewal project proposed under chapters one hundred and twenty-one A or one hundred and twenty-one B, the specific procedure under section sixty-two A may permit land acquisition and other actions required for land acquisition to take place prior to the publication of the final environmental impact report provided that the secretary has issued notice of availability of an interim environmental impact report which demonstrates to the satisfaction of said secretary that an urban renewal project may be carried out on the proposed land with appropriate constraints as may be necessary to minimize and prevent damage to the environment.