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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 16: Scope of examinations; marks; appointments based solely on training and experience

Section 16. Examinations shall be conducted under the direction of the administrator, who shall determine their form, method and subject matter. Examinations shall fairly test the knowledge, skills and abilities which can be practically and reliably measured and which are actually required to perform the primary or dominant duties of the position for which the examination is held. The administrator shall, in development of examinations, consult with representatives of labor and professionals in the field to increase emphasis upon aptitudes relevant to performing the positions to be tested. Upon the application of a handicapped person to take an examination for any position, the administrator, upon written request of such person, shall make reasonable accommodations as will enable such handicapped person to take the examination.

The administrator shall, subject to the provisions of section twenty-six, where applicable, examine, qualify, and rank applicants for original or promotional appointments solely on the basis of training, experience, education or other criteria considered appropriate by the administrator (a) for a scientific or professional position for which education at or above the master's degree level is required by statute or under authority thereof; (b) when the major duty of a position is such that applicants are required to have successfully completed a course in emergency medical care pursuant to the provisions of chapter one hundred and eleven C; (c) when the major duty of a position is such that applicants are required to possess a certificate, registration or license issued after examination by a state board of registration or examiners or by a professional association specified by the administrator. A person who has taken a civil service examination pursuant to this paragraph shall not have recourse to the review procedures set forth in section twenty-two.