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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 19: Notice of examination for promotional appointments; posting

Section 19. The administrator shall prepare a notice of each competitive examination to be held for a promotional appointment in the official service. The administrator shall send copies of such notice to the appointing authority for the departmental unit in which the promotional appointment is to be made and to the appointing authority for any other departmental unit in which persons eligible to take such examination may be employed. Any appointing authority receiving such notice shall cause it to be posted in conspicuous places in the departmental unit and in each of its branch offices. Such appointing authority shall mail a copy of such notice to any eligible employee of such unit who, during the entire period of such posting, is on sick or military leave, on vacation, or off the payroll. The appointing authority shall make provision for fully informing all employees in such departmental unit of the places where such notices are posted.

Each notice required by this section shall state the duties, compensation, and title of and required qualifications for the position for which the examination is to be held, the time, place and manner of applying for admission to the examination, the entrance requirements, and any other information which the administrator determines should be included because of its relevancy and usefulness.