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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32: Emergency appointments to laborer positions; renewal

Section 32. An appointing authority may make an emergency appointment to the position of laborer without submitting a requisition to the administrator and without complying with the other provisions of the civil service law and rules; provided, however, that the circumstances requiring such appointment could not have been foreseen and the public business would be seriously impeded by the time lapse incident to the normal appointment process.

Employment pursuant to such an appointment shall not continue for more than a total of thirty working days during the sixty calendar days following such appointment, provided that the appointing authority, with the consent of the administrator, may renew such appointment for an additional thirty working days or, at its discretion and without such consent, for not more than an additional fifteen working days. In the event of such renewal for not more than fifteen working days, no further emergency appointment shall be given such laborer within twelve months from the date that he began employment under such thirty-day appointment.

In no event shall a person who is given such an emergency appointment as a laborer be permitted more than a total of sixty working days of emergency employment within any twelve month period, in any civil service position, including that of a laborer.

Upon making such an appointment or any extension thereof, the appointing authority shall notify the administrator in writing of the reason for the appointment or extension and the anticipated duration of such emergency.