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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 6: Appointments; requisitions

Section 6. Each appointment to a civil service position shall be made by an original appointment pursuant to the provisions of this section or by a promotional appointment pursuant to the provisions of section seven, except as otherwise provided by this chapter or other law.

Each such original appointment in the official service shall be made after certification from an eligible list established as the result of a competitive examination for which civil service employees and non-civil service employees were eligible to apply, except as otherwise provided by sections twenty-six, forty, forty-seven, fifty-six, and sixty.

An appointing authority desiring to make an original appointment in the official service shall submit a requisition to the administrator. Upon receipt of such requisition, the administrator shall certify from the eligible list sufficient names of persons for consideration of their qualifications for appointment by the appointing authority pursuant to section twenty-five and the personnel administration rules. If no suitable eligible list exists, or if the list contains the names of fewer than three persons who are qualified for appointment and willing to accept employment, the appointing authority may make a provisional appointment pursuant to sections twelve, thirteen and fourteen.

An appointing authority may requisition to fill any position by original appointment pursuant to this section, or, where a promotional appointment may be made under the civil service law and rules, it may requisition to fill a position by promotional appointment pursuant to section seven.

Any request by an appointing authority to the administrator to fill a vacancy, other than a temporary vacancy, in a permanent position shall include a statement that such position is permanent and that such vacancy is to be filled on a permanent basis.