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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 63: Paraplegic persons; municipal police or fire departments; appointments

Section 63. An appointing authority may employ a paraplegic in a civil service position within the police or fire department of any city or town, without submitting a requisition, if, in its opinion, the duties of the position may be performed by such paraplegic. Prior to such employment, the appointing authority shall secure and maintain on file a certificate from the attending physician of such person that such person is a paraplegic.

The appointing authority shall also maintain a record of the following:

(1) the title and duties to be assigned to the paraplegic who is to be employed, and the title of his immediate supervisor; and

(2) a certificate from a physician that the paraplegic can satisfactorily perform the duties of the position, is qualified to do the work without hazard to himself or to others and is socially competent to maintain himself in a work environment.

The appointing authority may require any paraplegic proposed for appointment pursuant to this section to undergo such tests as, in its opinion, will measure the fitness of such paraplegic to perform the duties of the position.

Upon the commencement of such employment, such paraplegic shall be deemed to be appointed to the position pursuant to the civil service law and rules and shall continue in such position subject to the provisions of such law and rules.

For purposes of this section, a paraplegic shall mean a person (1) with paraplegia, or (2) with other handicapping conditions which preclude the use of the lower limbs, or (3) without lower limbs.