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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 67: Annual list of civil service employees; posting; enforcement; penalties

Section 67. Each appointing authority shall submit to the administrator, on or before March first of each year, a list of civil service employees in its department as of January second of the same year. Such list shall be in such form as is required by the administrator, shall be made under the penalties of perjury, shall specify the series and title of the position of each such employee and the seniority of such employee as determined pursuant to section thirty-three.

Each such appointing authority shall sign such list and post it forthwith in all areas under its control where five or more civil service employees begin their tour of duty. Such list shall be so posted immediately after it is submitted to the administrator so that it may be inspected during a reasonable period before May first of the year it is submitted. The date of posting such list shall appear on the list which shall remain posted for one year after such date of posting.

When used with respect to employees in the labor service of the highway division in the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the word ''division'' as used in this section shall mean the districts established by such division in which such employees serve.

The superior court may enforce this section and said section thirty-three upon petition by one or more taxable inhabitants of a city or town or upon suit by the attorney general.

Any appointing officer who neglects or wilfully refuses to post a copy of such list shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars.