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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 6B: Weight of performance evaluation in promotions

Section 6B. The weight given to performance evaluation in promotional decisions for civil service positions shall be determined by the administrator in conjunction with representatives of collective bargaining units containing the titles to be tested.

Following such determination but no later than fifteen days prior to the distribution of the examination notice, the administrator shall notify the participating collective bargaining representatives, in writing, of his determination as to the appropriate weight to be given to performance appraisals in the making of the promotional decision involved. This written notification shall include specific justification for the determination made and for the rejection of alternate proposals, if any.

The participating collective bargaining representatives shall have fifteen days in which to review the determination, to request review of proposed revisions, to request further consultation or to seek any combination of the foregoing. The administrator shall grant all such requests and promptly provide a written explanation of his further determination if requested by any such collective bargaining representative.