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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 3A: Employees' advisory committee

Section 3A. There shall be within the group insurance commission, but not under its direction or control, an unpaid advisory committee to be known as the employees' advisory committee consisting of a representative duly elected or appointed to membership on said committee by organizations of employees and retirees whose membership consists of employees or retirees insured under this chapter. Said committee shall elect a chairman and other officers from its membership and shall establish procedures for the conduct of its deliberations including a method to provide a reasonable opportunity for all interested employees and retirees to meet with it so that the conclusions and recommendations of the committee will be a fair representation of the interests of all persons insured under this chapter. The commission, upon request by the committee, shall provide space, if possible, within the offices occupied by the commission for the conduct of the meetings of said committee.

The employee advisory committee, at least once each calendar year, or upon request by the commission, shall furnish the commission with a list of its officers and members indicating their organizational representation and affiliation.

The committee from time to time may submit to the commission for consideration and necessary action any recommendations relative to the insurance programs administered by the commission.

Upon request by the governor, the committee may submit the names of nominees from its membership or from the organizations represented therein to serve as members of the commission as provided under section three.

The provisions of chapter thirty A shall not be applicable to the employees' advisory committee.