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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 11E: Life and health insurance for retired teachers; appropriation of funds authorized; acceptance of section by political subdivisions

Section 11E. Upon acceptance of this section as hereinafter provided, any political subdivision, subject to the provisions of section twelve of chapter thirty-two A, shall appropriate funds or apply therefor for the payment of certain costs for group life and health insurance coverages for teachers retired from the service of the political subdivision, and for health insurance coverages for their surviving spouses and dependents provided such teachers receive a pension or annuity allowance from the teachers' retirement system, and for the payment of premiums, subsidiary or additional rates and administrative expenses required to be paid by paragraph (d) of section twelve of chapter thirty-two A. This section shall take effect in a county, except Worcester county, city, town or district upon its acceptance in the following manner:—in a county, except Worcester county, by vote of the county commissioners; in a city having a Plan D or Plan E charter by majority vote of its city council, in any other city by vote of its city council, approved by the mayor; in a district, except as hereinafter provided, by vote of the registered voters of the district at a district meeting; in a regional school district by vote of the regional district school committee; and in a town either by vote of the board of selectmen or by a majority of affirmative votes cast in answer to the following question which shall be printed upon the official ballot to be used at an election in said town:—''Shall the town authorize all teachers insured for group life and health insurance, and their dependents, upon receiving a pension or annuity allowance from the teachers' retirement system, to have such insurance transferred to the state for convenience of premium withholdings, with the town making payment of fifty per cent of the premium, a portion of the administrative expense and the payment of a subsidiary or additional rate to be paid by the town?''

A political subdivision that has accepted this section and whose application has been approved by the commission as provided in section thirteen of chapter thirty-two A may thereafter terminate its acceptance of this section. Any political subdivision, before voting to terminate its acceptance of this section, shall notify the commission of its intent to submit such termination to a vote, and shall provide for a public hearing for the purpose of informing affected retired teachers and the public. All such affected retired teachers shall be notified at least thirty days prior to such public hearing. After such public hearing, a vote shall be taken of affected retired teachers in attendance. A simple majority shall determine the will of such majority. Such termination shall take effect by a vote obtained in the same manner as that required for an acceptance of this section except as heretofore mentioned. Such political subdivision shall thereafter furnish notice of termination to the commission.