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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9A1/2: Reimbursement of governmental unit for healthcare premium contribution received by retiree with creditable service attributable to service in one or more other governmental units

[ Text of section effective until January 1, 2017 and applicable as provided by 2010, 131, Sec. 200. Repealed by 2016, 218, Sec. 14. See 2016, 218, Sec. 251.]

  Section 9A 1/2. Whenever a retired employee or beneficiary receives a healthcare premium contribution from a governmental unit in a case where a portion of the retiree's creditable service is attributable to service in 1 or more other governmental units, the first governmental unit shall be reimbursed in full, in accordance with this paragraph, by the other governmental units for the portion of the premium contributions that corresponds to the percentage of the retiree's creditable service that is attributable to each governmental unit. The other governmental units shall be charged based on their own contribution rate or the contribution rate of the first employer, whichever is lower.

  The treasurer of the first governmental unit shall annually, on or before January 15, upon the certification of the board of the system from which the disbursements have been made, notify the treasurer of the other governmental unit of the amount of reimbursement due for the previous fiscal year and the treasurer of the other governmental unit shall immediately take all necessary steps to insure prompt payment of this amount. In default of any such payment, the first governmental unit may maintain an action of contract to recover the same, but there shall be no such reimbursement if the 2 systems involved are the state employees' retirement system and the teachers' retirement system.