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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 13: Necessity and duty to give bond

Section 13. The collector shall, before the commitment to him of any taxes of any year, or, if he is a city or town collector under section thirty-eight A of chapter forty-one, before such commitment or the collection of any other accounts due his city or town and not included within the provisions of a bond previously given by him and still in force, give a bond or bonds for the faithful performance of his duties in all capacities in which he is acting as collector either in the collection of taxes or of such other accounts, including a bond, which shall be separate, in respect to uncollected accounts, if any, turned over to him by the assessors under section ninety-seven. Each bond given under this section shall be in a form approved by the commissioner and in such sum or sums, not less than the amount or amounts established by the commissioner, as shall be fixed by the selectmen or mayor and aldermen. A copy of each such bond shall be delivered to the commissioner. If the collector does not give bond or bonds as herein required, the selectmen or mayor and aldermen may declare the office vacant and the vacancy may be filled in the manner prescribed by section forty or sixty-one A of chapter forty-one, as the case may be.