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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 51: Several parcels of small value; sale together

Section 51. If unimproved and unoccupied land does not exceed four thousand square feet in area, or is laid out in lots or parcels no one of which exceeds such area, and the taxes unpaid for any one year do not exceed fifty cents on such land, or on any such lot or parcel thereof, the collector may give notice of the sale by publication of an advertisement stating the name of the owner of record of each lot on January first of the year of assessment, the tax due thereon and the number of such lot on a street, way or plan, without further description thereof. The collector may convey in one deed to the same purchaser or convey to the town any number of the lots so advertised and sold, and said deed shall state the name of said owner of record of each lot conveyed therein, on January first of said year, the amount of the taxes and costs due for each lot, and the number on the street, way or plan of each lot respectively, and need contain no further description of the lot, owner or amount due. The cost of the sale shall be apportioned equally among all the lots sold, and the cost of the deed shall be apportioned equally among all the lots conveyed thereby.