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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 92: Deputy collectors; appointment and removal; bookkeeping; reports; deposit and transfer of funds

Section 92. Any officer authorized to collect taxes may appoint and remove such deputies as such officer deems expedient. Each deputy so appointed shall keep a cash book, in which such deputy shall enter all sums so collected, specifying the total amount of each tax collected, all interest, charges and fees received, the name and address of each party from whom money was received and the date of each such receipt. They shall prepare a report to the collector of all uncollected warrants issued to the deputy at least once a month. Such deputies shall give bond for the faithful performance of their duties, in such sum and in such form, and subject to such conditions, as the commissioner may prescribe, and shall have all the powers of collectors. Any such deputy shall, at least weekly, either turn over sums collected to the collector, or deposit said funds into an account which is separate from any other account of that community, or any other community, for the purpose of clearing checks and earning interest on deposits. The deputy shall have no authority to withdraw amounts from this deputy deposit account except the deputy's fees due under section fifteen. The collector shall transfer funds which have cleared from such account to the town treasury at least once a week along with any interest earned and may retain any fees of the collector and deputy and pay over such fees to the collector or deputy, unless such fees belong to the municipality.