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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 13: Special or betterment assessments

Section 13. Land qualifying for valuation, assessment and taxation under this chapter shall be subject to special assessments or betterment assessments to such pro rata extent as the service or facility financed by such assessment is used for improving the recreational use capability of said land or for the personal benefit of the owner thereof. This assessment shall, however, upon application, be suspended during the time the land is in classified recreational use and shall become due and payable as of the date when the use of the land is changed. Payment of the assessment and interest on it shall be made in accordance with section 13 of chapter 80, but the interest shall be computed from the date of the change in use. If only a portion of a tract of land which benefits from a suspension of payment is changed from that use, the assessment shall become due and payable as of the date when the use was changed only to the extent of and in the proportion that the frontage of that portion bears to the street frontage of the entire tract of land which originally benefited from a suspension of payment. Upon receipt of full payment of a portion of a suspended assessment, the tax collector shall dissolve the lien for the assessment insofar as it affects the portion of the land changed from recreational use. The lien for the portion of the original assessment which remains unpaid shall continue and remain in full force and effect until dissolved in accordance with law. A request for this release shall be made in writing to the tax collector and shall be accompanied by a plan and other information that is required in the case of a request for a division of an assessment under section 10.