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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 3: Eligibility for classification as recreational

Section 3. Eligibility of land for valuation, assessment and taxation under this chapter shall be determined separately for each tax year. Application therefor shall be submitted to the board of assessors of each city or town in which such land is situated not later than October first of the year preceding each tax year for which such valuation, assessment and taxation is being sought. Application shall be made on a form prescribed by the commissioner of revenue and provided for the use of applicants by said board of assessors. Such form shall provide for the reporting of information pertinent to the provisions of this chapter and for certification by the applicant that he will immediately notify the board of assessors in writing of any subsequent circumstance within his control or knowledge which may cause a change in use of the land covered by such form prior to October first next following. Any application submitted under this section and covering leased land shall be accompanied by a written statement signed by the lessee of his intent to use such land for the purposes set forth in said application. A certification by a landowner that the information set forth in his application is true may be prescribed by said commissioner to be in lieu of a sworn statement to that effect. An application so certified shall be considered as if made under oath and subject to the same penalties as provided by law for perjury.