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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 6H: Massachusetts United States Olympic Fund; voluntary contributions

Section 6H. Every individual who files a separate return and every husband and wife filing a return jointly may voluntarily contribute all or part of any refund to which they are entitled, or may voluntarily add an amount onto any amount due, to be credited to the Massachusetts United States Olympic Fund established pursuant to section thirty-five O of chapter ten.

A contribution made under this section may be with respect to any taxable year at the time of filing a return of the tax established by this chapter for such taxable year; provided, however, that the commissioner shall prescribe the manner in which such contribution shall be made on the face of the return required by section five of chapter sixty-two C; provided, further, that the commissioner shall assure that taxpayers filing any such forms are made clearly aware of their ability to make the contributions provided for by this section.

The commissioner shall annually report the total amount designated under this section to the state treasurer, who shall credit such amount to said Massachusetts United States Olympic Fund.