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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 45: Designation of banks as depository for receiving taxes

Section 45. The commissioner is authorized, subject to the approval of the state treasurer, to designate any bank doing business in the commonwealth as a depository and fiscal agent for the purpose of receiving any tax imposed under the provisions of chapters sixty-two to sixty-five C, inclusive, and section twenty-one of chapter one hundred and thirty-eight in such manner, at such times and under such conditions as the commissioner may prescribe. He shall also prescribe which taxpayers or classes of taxpayers must make payments of taxes to designated banks and the method or methods of making such payments. Notwithstanding any provision of section thirty-three A of this chapter, the commissioner shall also so prescribe the manner, times and conditions under which the receipt of any such tax by a designated bank is to be treated as payment of such tax to the commissioner. The designated bank shall transmit to the commissioner the taxes collected by it on his behalf at such times and in such manner as the commissioner may prescribe.