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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Removal and forwarding of amount from escrow upon final determination; crediting of obligation; notice

Section 8. Upon the final determination of the amount of the debt due and owing by means of a hearing pursuant to section six or upon the default of the debtor to request, in a timely manner, a hearing pursuant to section five, the claimant agency shall remove the amount of the debt due and owing from the escrow account established pursuant to said section five and shall credit such amount to the debtor's obligation and, whenever necessary, shall advise the appropriate court of such credit. The claimant agency shall, within ten days of the determination, forward the amount from the escrow account to the proper obligee. With respect to education loan set-off proceeds, the board shall transmit fifteen per cent thereof to the department in payment for its set-off which shall be deposited in the General Fund. The balance shall be transmitted to the corporation.