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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 38V: Deductions for qualifying clinical testing expenses; certified life sciences company

[Text of section effective until December 31, 2028. Repealed by 2008, 130, Sec. 31. See 2008, 130, Sec. 54 as amended by 2011, 9, Sec. 25; 2013, 46, Sec. 57; and 2018, 112, Sec. 10. See also 2011, 9, Sec. 56 and 2013, 46, Sec. 87 as amended by 2018, 273, Sec. 26.]

Section 38V. A taxpayer which is a certified life sciences company pursuant to section 5 of chapter 23I may, to the extent authorized pursuant to the life sciences tax incentive program established by said section 5 of chapter 23I, be allowed a deduction under paragraph 4 of section 30 for that portion of qualified clinical testing expenses paid or incurred for the taxable year equal to the amount of the credit allowable for the taxable year under section 45C of the Internal Revenue Code and otherwise disallowed as a deduction under section 280C(b) of said Code.