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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2: Vendors' licenses; display

Section 2. No person shall sell tobacco products or act as a manufacturer, wholesaler, vending machine operator, unclassified acquirer, transportation company or retailer, in the commonwealth unless licensed to do so in accordance with section sixty-seven of chapter sixty-two C. If a manufacturer, wholesaler, vending machine operator or unclassified acquirer acts in more than one of said capacities at any one place of business he shall procure a license for each capacity in which he acts. Every machine operated or maintained for the purpose of vending tobacco products shall for the purposes of this chapter be deemed to constitute a place of retail business, and no person shall maintain or cause to be operated such a machine without procuring a retailer's license. Each license so issued or a duplicate copy thereof shall be prominently displayed on the premises covered by the license and in the case of vending machines there shall be attached to the same a disc or marker to be furnished by the commissioner showing it to have been licensed. The licensing of the operation of cigarette vending machines is retained exclusively by the commonwealth and no city, town or other political subdivision of the commonwealth may license such operation.