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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 3: Sourcing meal sales to business location of vendor; vendors with multiple business locations; meal delivery companies and caterers

Section 3. Except as provided herein, a sale of a meal by a restaurant is sourced to the business location of the vendor if (1) the meal is received by the purchaser at the business location of the vendor or (2) if the meal is delivered by the vendor to a customer, regardless of the location of the customer. A vendor with multiple business locations in the commonwealth must separately report sales sourced to each location in a manner prescribed by the commissioner. Restaurant meal delivery companies that purchase meals for resale must source their sales to the delivery location indicated by instructions for delivery to the purchaser and shall separately report sales by municipality in a manner prescribed by the commissioner. The commissioner may also adopt by rule or regulation destination sourcing and reporting rules for caterers or other vendors with a high volume of delivered meals, as the commissioner may determine, in order to mitigate any anti-competitive impact of the local meals tax.