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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 113: Inspection and condemnation of military property; reports

Section 113. A state surveying officer or a board of officers designated by the commander-in-chief shall inspect and condemn military property of the commonwealth unfit for use. No such property shall be sold or otherwise disposed of until it has been inspected and condemned, and the condemnation approved by the commander-in-chief, except that subsistence stores of a perishable nature, which would spoil before action could be taken by the state surveying officer or a board as above provided, may be sold, or given to a non-sectarian charitable institution by the officer responsible therefor, after investigation by an officer detailed by the commanding officer of the organization. The report of the investigation, approved by the commanding officer, shall be forwarded by the responsible officer. The proceeds of any sales made hereunder shall be paid to the military division of the commonwealth.