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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 119: Rental bills; contents; filing; payment

Section 119. The mayor or city manager of a city, or the selectmen of a town, providing an armory, air installation or adequate facilities for the use of the armed forces of the commonwealth, shall annually submit, on or before June first, to the state quartermaster, through the senior commanding officer stationed therein, a bill for the rental thereof. All such bills shall give the designation and location of each armory, air installation or facility and the designation of each unit quartered therein. The state quartermaster shall annually, not later than June thirtieth, file with the state comptroller his certificate, stating the sum allowed for each armory, air installation or facility, the designation of each unit occupying it, and the city or town making the return, and thereupon he shall notify the mayor or selectmen of the sum allowed, which shall be paid to the city or town.