General Laws

Section 66. Whoever interrupts, molests or insults, by abusive words or behavior, or obstructs, any officer or enlisted person while on duty or at any parade, drill or assembly for military purposes, may immediately be put under guard and kept at the discretion of the commanding officer until the duty, drill, parade or assembly is concluded; and may be delivered into the custody of any police officer of the city or town where such duty, parade, drill or assembly is held, who shall detain him in custody for examination or trial before a court having jurisdiction of the place; and any person found guilty of any of the offences enumerated in this section, or in section sixty-five or one hundred and twenty-three, or of obstructing or interfering with the armed forces of the United States or any part of the armed forces of the commonwealth in the exercise or enjoyment of the right of way granted by section fifty, shall be punished by a fine or not more than one hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than six months.