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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 11: Public hearings; reports; publication of proposed charter

Section 11. (A.) The charter commission shall hold public hearings, sponsor public forums and otherwise provide for the widest possible dissemination of information and the stimulation of public discussion respecting the purposes and progress of its work.

(B.) The charter commission shall report its findings and recommendations to the citizens of the county on or before the eighteenth calendar month next following the date of its election in the form of a final report which it shall file with the county clerk who shall distribute it to all elected county and municipal officials, all members of the counties' legislative delegation, and the state secretary.

In addition, there shall be printed and made available at least ninety days before the election at cost to the public at large, a number of copies equal to at least one-tenth of one per cent of the county's registered voters.

The commission shall publish in two newspapers of known general circulation within said county on two successive weeks the full text of the proposed charter, together with a summary of its findings and recommendations, a summary of the provisions of the plan, if any, which it recommends for approval, and an analysis of and commentary on such plans.