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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4: Election of charter study commission members

Section 4. (A.) At the same election as the public question is submitted, fifteen members of a charter study commission shall be elected by the county's registered voters. The voting instructions shall state that the voter may vote on the question and that, regardless of how and whether he voted on the charter question, he may vote for members of the charter study commission who shall serve if the question is determined in the affirmative.

(B.) The ballots to be used in such county at such election shall be prepared and furnished by the state secretary in accordance with the requirements of this chapter and of chapter fifty-four. The charter commission candidates shall appear on the ballot as the last candidates to be elected. The question in subsection (A) of section three shall be printed on the ballot after the statewide questions on the ballot.

(C.) Said election shall be a statewide general election.