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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 19: County salaries; payment; payroll deductions; deposits to employee bank accounts authorized

Section 19. County salaries shall, except as otherwise provided, be payable in monthly installments on the first day of the month.

No county treasurer shall pay any salary, wages or other compensation to any person in the service of a county unless the payroll, voucher or account is signed under the penalties of perjury by the officer in charge of the department, or the person immediately responsible for the appointment or employment of the persons named therein, or, in the absence or disability of such officer then by a person designated by him and approved by the county commissioners.

Every such payroll shall contain at least the following information: the payroll period; the full name of each officer or employee; title of office or position held; rate of salary or wages or other compensation; and any portion of the payroll period for which salary, wages, or other compensation is being paid on account of sick leave, vacation or other leave.

Each treasurer making deductions from the salary, wages or compensation of an employee shall notify in writing such employee of the amounts and nature of such deductions at the time of payment of the salary, wages or compensation from which such deductions are made. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to Suffolk county.

Any county treasurer may pay salaries, wages, or other compensation to any person in the service of the county by means of deposits to the employees' bank accounts provided employees have expressly authorized said deposits.