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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 19B: Deceased officers and employees; payment of salary to next of kin; effect

Section 19B. Whenever any officer or employee or former officer or employee of a county dies, and such county owes his estate any sum or sums by reason of the terms of his employment, the aggregate amount of which does not exceed twenty-five hundred dollars, and neither a duly appointed executor or administrator nor a voluntary administrator has made written demand for payment upon the treasurer of such county and such treasurer does not otherwise have actual notice that proceedings relative to the formal or informal settlement of such estate have been commenced in any probate court, such sum or sums may, in the discretion of such treasurer, be paid after the expiration of one month from the death of such officer or employee to the husband, widow or next of kin of such officer or employee. Payments made as provided in this section shall discharge all liability of the county to all persons with respect to such sum or sums.