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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 37B: Temporary notes; refunding; payment

Section 37B. The county treasurer of any county, except Suffolk and Nantucket, with the approval of the county commissioners thereof, may issue temporary notes of the county payable in not more than two years from their dates, in anticipation of the issue of serial bonds or notes under any general or special law, but the time within which such serial bonds or notes shall become due and payable shall not, by reason of such temporary notes, be extended beyond the time fixed by such general or special law. Temporary notes issued under this section for a shorter period than two years may be refunded by the issue of other temporary notes, provided that the period from the date of issue of the original temporary notes to the date of maturity of the refunding notes shall not be more than two years. Any notes issued in anticipation of serial bonds or notes shall be paid from the proceeds thereof. If a balance remains in the proceeds of a loan issued in anticipation of a serial loan at the time when the serial loan is issued, said balance shall be applied to the payment of such temporary loan.